The warnings started on Friday: Heavy snowfall, 10 – 15 cm of snow expected. After Friday’s freezing rain warnings, it would be best to listen to the forecasters.

Snow started Saturday morning. Throughout the afternoon, weather radar consistently showed a large green blob, Saskatoon dead in the centre. Well, at least it was a green blob, the lightest snowfall readings, not purple or red heavy snowfall. Outside the living room window, large flakes were drifting lazily toward the ground, occasionally whipped into a frenzy by gusts of strong wind.

The snow was light, and not nearly as deep as the warnings forebode. But icy! Mustn’t forget about Friday’s freezing rain. Push the shovel one direction, but found yourself going the opposite instead. Watch that first step, especially!

Overall, we got off pretty lightly, barely 5 cm of snowfall in 24 hours.

The temperatures during the storm hovered around freezing. Deeper cold was settling in by morning. Headed for minus-19 degrees Celsius by mid-week. I wonder where I stashed the parka last spring.
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